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March 19th, 2017 ride to see the poppies poppin’!

march 19 b

Sunday, March 19th meet with a full tank at 9:30 a.m. at:
Senor Toms restaurant in Tom’s Farms in Corona
23900 Temescal Canyon Road, Corona CA 92883

ksu 10:00 a.m

We had planned a ride to Forest Falls in San Bernardino but found out the roads near the waterfalls were closed due to snow, so we will save that route for our May ride. Instead we will be riding through Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake to see the fields of poppies blooming, then we’ll go through Perris and up to Lake Mathews before we head in to Corona for lunch at:

Chuck Wagon Bar & Cafe
1070 E 6th St, Corona, CA 92879

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Link to route:







November 20th ride info


Belles On Bikes is back with a vengeance! It’s not actually that sinister but this is going to be an intense day of riding. The top secret apocalypse location is not on the map but this is the main route we will be taking so join us for a full day of riding or just choose part of the day to meet up with us.


There are meet up spots in L.A. and Fontana. From Fontana we will ride about 75 miles to the secret location, if you don’t think your bike can make more than 75 miles let us know, and we can stop for gas before the secret destination. We will spend about an hour urban exploring this deserted area, BRING YOUR CAMERAS!! Everything you see on the flyer is abandoned and we will be respectfully exploring the property. From there we will stop for lunch at Roadhouse Restaurant, just a little diner with Americana fare, nothing fancy. This will already be quite a ride, but if you want to stay with us there will be a group going back to L.A. heading to the East Side Moto Babes event BOM7Every woman that rides in on her moto will have her portrait taken and added to the growing archive. They hold events displaying these photos that document the growing female motorcycle community.

L.A.: meet at 8 am ksu 8:30
Shell, 341 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004
I.E.: meet at 9:30 ksu 10 (or come earlier for breakfast)
Denny’s, 13479 Baseline Avenue, Fontana, CA 92336
–there is a gas station in the parking lot so you can top off before the ride–
arrive at top secret apoclyptic abandoned city location by 11:30
lunch at 12:30
Roadhouse Restaurant, 6158 California 58, Boron, CA 93516
East Side Moto Babes – BOM7 event – eta 3:30
Modernica Props 2805 Gilroy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Please read our Group Riding Tips

Sunday February 21st Ladies Ride



Ladies ride to Doffo Winery Sunday February 21st.  Doffo winery has a great vintage motorcycle museum.  The ride through Temecula can be found here  Meeting at 9 am kickstands up at 10. All bikes, skill level are encouraged.  See you ladies there!!!

May 23rd, monthly ladies ride – Laguna Canyon

05-23Belles On Bikes monthly ladies ride will meet at  LAHD at 9:00 a.m. for coffee and donuts. Please arrive with a full tank, we’ll have a quick safety meeting then kickstands up at 10:00. We will ride down through Laguna Canyon and make a stop at the scenic “Top of the World” in Laguna Beach. After that stop we will ride to La Casa del Camino for lunch on their rooftop bar.

-Belles On Bikes

Los Angeles Harley Davidson of Anaheim
2635 W Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

La Casa Del Camino,
1289 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Click here for the route.

Hell Or High Water!

I don’t even know where to begin…… this camp out was one of the toughest experiences I think a lot of us had ever experienced on our bikes.  The ride started out at LA Harley of Anaheim  with one of the most beneficial moto safety meetings I have ever attended.  It literally changed how we ride in a pack. It was given by Dennis the  Road Captain of the LA Harley Hog Chapter.  We all learned something. When Asli (@randomtinyfeet ) & I were sweeping, we kept looking at each other in amazement because the pack was tight, perfect staggering and moved as one group.  Not all crazy mish-mash like we were used to. A big huge HELL-YA! to the Belles on Bikes ladies and a thank you to Amy (aka_rside) for RC the pack the whole weekend flawlessly.

So we were off and very worried about the rain.   We knew that we would see rain, but we thought “California Rain”  not Witch Mountain rain, boy were we wrong. We met up with the San Diego ladies just down the street from the entrance to Palomar mountain and you could not see it.  I repeat you could not see it. The mountain was under a blanket of fog.  With a quick safety talk we split the girls in to 2 groups.  Group A led by Amy for the larger bikes and more experienced riders and group B led by Beulah for the smaller bikes or less experienced riders.  We had 30 women in total and this worked perfectly.

Going up the mountain was crazy, you couldn’t see more than 4 feet in front of you and it was wet and cold.  We took our time and enjoyed the challenge.  Bella (@b5llla) who had never ridden on a freeway let alone these conditions CRUSHED IT!!!!  I mean, I was so impressed with her courage and ability to handle her bike it made me recall the first time I rode on the freeway at Babes Ride Out 1.

We arrived at Mother’s Kitchen and ran inside to warm up and eat.  We stocked up on wine and treats at the store.  FYI they do not sell hard liquor in this town….. which we could have used to warm up. Then came the moment of truth, the rain was coming and if you wanted to turn back and not camp you had to do it right then.  But not one woman left. We all stayed. By time we get to our camp it was raining.  We quickly started a fire and set up camp.  Then the rain really started.  Jamie (@kill_meow) and I ran back to the store to buy every poncho they have in the place. The rest of the gals made some out of giant trash bags.  Jimmy the taco guy from CJ and Sons shows up and cooks a fantastic meal in the pouring rain.  He said that we were the toughest group of women he had ever met.

Then we party, we drank Sapporo and wine, ate tacos, shot gunned beers in the bathroom and laughed.  We laughed so hard, we couldn’t believe we were there in the rain camping.  As the night came to a close the SoCal Sirens had an announcement.  Amy was presented with her prospect patch.  She had earned it and is an amazing woman.  She was the 1st and only girl to show up to the 1st Belles ride back in October and has been present ever since.  She has become more than a riding buddy, she is a good friend and soon to be Club sister.

Come morning everyone was soaked, we spend the better half of the morning attempting to dry out pants and gloves over a fire.  We pack up and start the ride home.  As we all start to break away for home I become over whelmed with this feeling of community and sisterhood.  Who knew that 2 rubber wheels and an air cooled motor could unite so many women together.  I look forward to the next adventure and if you haven’t already…. come join us.  Rubber side down lades xoxo.


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Belles Ride & Grill

This Saturday join Belles On Bikes & @harleybabe4life for a morning ride and share your journey for the documentary #BabesOnBikes. BBQ lunch will be had!!!  Come join us and learn more about this journey, read more at   See you babes there! Belles Ride & Grill

Next ride April 25th

Our camp out is full but you are welcome join us and enjoy an afternoon or riding. We will be posting ride info and route shortly. Rubber side down ladies!


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