Belles Spotlight on Cait

We met Cait on our last ride up to Forest Falls and reached out to her to ask about the upcoming event on 6/11/17 called California Moto Market that she created showcasing some of the newest and best women’s riding gear.





I started the Moto Market the same way I start all of my other daydream businesses. I bounced the idea off a few friends, asked the pros and did some research. Within a few hours I had an email, website and instagram acct set up, and from there it’s history. I wanted to find a way to bring all of our favorite brands together where the highest concentration of female riders are: Southern California. A quick email and phone conversation and we had a location. A week later we had 17 vendors, flyers and a food truck booked! I cannot express how surprised I am at the response I’ve gotten. The Women’s motorcycling community is much more vast than it looks, and I’m very happy to say that women are finally getting the attention they deserve from the leading brands and manufacturers.

Name: Cait Maher

Insta: @Caitmadethat 

Occupation: Hairdresser/ Vendor Coordinator

How long have you been riding: 4 years

Bike you currently ride: 2010 Moto Guzzi V7 Classic

First bike you owned: 1976 Kawasaki KH100 (and I still have it!)

How did you get in to riding: I grew up snowmobiling, and the feeling of flying down a snowy trail translates very well into carving up the mountain roads on a bike! I knew I wanted to ride, but I didn’t know anyone else with a bike. I bought my first one on my own off craigslist for under $1k, and taught myself how to shift while riding around my neighborhood.

What does your family think about it: They don’t mind! My dad claims to have ridden a Harley once, and my mom thinks its fantastic that I’m doing something I love. I recently taught my brother how to ride on my V7 and I’m gonna fund his MSF course as a late birthday present.

Have you ever worked on your bike: Yes. All the time. My 1st bike was constantly breaking and leaving me stranded, so I learned how to clean a carb pretty quick. If you went to BRO4 last year, and happened to walk by the Lucky Wheels tent, you probably saw me working on that dumb bike the whole 2 days. I am also rebuilding a 1978 CB400A, and so far I’m really good at taking everything apart.

Longest trip: My first time on the highway (really!) I took a borrowed Kawasaki Vulcan 650 to Big Sur and back over Thanksgiving weekend. It was tiring, fantastic, and some of my favorite memories so far. About 600 miles total that trip.

Most miles in a day: 320-ish miles. Just a day trip up to Santa Barbara, Cold Springs Tavern, Solvang and back home. I still got on the bike the next day too! Perks of not owning a car.

Music or no music: Music, all the time. I usually listen to Muse, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, or lately its been Bluegrass!

Any close calls/how could you have reacted differently: I’ve been lucky so far. All my close calls were because either my bike stopped working in a bad spot, or because the engine size limited me on my ability to find an escape route. In March I was merging onto the 405 on a Yamaha SR400, and had someone so close off my bumper I was sure I was about to be a hood ornament. I couldn’t accelerate out of the way, because the throttle was already pinned. I bought my V7 within about a week and a half of that incident.

Last ride: Today I rode Ortega Hwy to Lookout Roadhouse, down through Elsinore to De Luz Rd (which is kind of torn up right now FYI!) and took that through to Fallbrook, hit Oceanside and then buzzed on home up the 5. I’m beat!

Best trip: Morro Bay and Big Sur last Thanksgiving!

Worst trip: Haven’t had one yet! I can’t count BRO4, because I didn’t get to ride!

Dream trip: I’d love to ride in Alaska. Women’s Moto Exhibit is going next month, and my boyfriend would be faaaar too jealous if I went without him! Or Iceland!!! That would be so rad.

Favorite moto event: I have to say, I have a few coming up this summer that are sure to be my favorite! I’ll be in Sturgis for The Wild Gypsy Tour, and I’m leading a ride to Dreamroll directly after Sturgis (seriously, the next day) and then Babes 5 is in October! I wish I could hit UK BRO, Rocky Mtn Roll and The Fox Run, but I’ll just have to make it happen next year!

Bike essentials (sunblock, chapstick, water etc that you always carry with you): I always have a debit and credit card, my AAA card, Burts Bees chapstick, Lorac lipstick that I never end up wearing, my hip bag with probably 15 pins on it, EARPLUGS, backup earplugs, and a bandana.

Safety gear recommendation (ie favorite gloves, comfy jacket, boots etc): I live in my Dainese jacket. It doesn’t look like a moto jacket, but has armor and abrasion resistant fabric. I’m about 3k miles into a pair of Rev It! Jeans and they’ve been super comfy from day 1! I have Alpine Stars gloves that are actually cold weather gloves, but have been SO comfy riding in hot weather! I’m about to beef up my moto wardrobe for the summer season so heres that list: Worse for Wear Crosstown Slim jeans, Dainese riding boots, AGV Numo Evo Helmet, Rev It! ADV Gear <- I have no idea the style name, I just know I need something with lots of flaps and vents!!

Plans for this year: Where do I start? California Moto Market! Lita’s Roundup campout, Palomar campout, The Wild Gypsy Tour, Dreamroll, CAMM2, trip to Rosarito, BRO 5!

Words of wisdom: Friends don’t let friends ride naked!! Your Victoria’s Secret leggings and super comfy flannel shirt are not going to save your skin if something happens! Wear the damn gear 🙂

How did you hear about Belles: Instagram!

First Belles ride: Forest falls to Angelus Oaks! I was so impressed with everyone staying together and looking out for other riders, it was such a fun group to spend a day with!

Tell me about the girls you have met, is there anyone you’ve found to ride with outside of Belles: I usually ride with The Litas Long Beach, we have the good fortune to live close to each other, and have probably too much free time, so theres a great chance I’ll see them a few times a week. There’s always someone down to ride, or something going on, so it’s a great network to be a part of!


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