Belles Spotlight on Marisol

Marisol helped to plan and will be leading our ride to Forest Falls on May 21st, 2017

We wanted to know a little more about her so we asked her some questions for the first in an upcoming series of spotlights on the riders we meet.



Name: Marisol Martinez

IG: MarisolPie

Occupation: Sales Representative at SSR Motorsports

How long have you been riding: 4 years

Bike you currently ride: BMW R9T and Grom125

First bike: Ninja300

How did you get in to riding: My first memory of wanting to ride was when I was 12 years old. It was during the first time I watched the movie Tomb Raider. There’s a scene where Lara Croft is lane splitting on a bridge. I remember thinking how badass and independent she seemed.

What does your family think about it: At first my parents were completely against me getting a bike. My mother even went as far as telling me to “buy a matching coffin”. Now that I’ve been riding a while they see it’s not as dangerous as they thought. They wish me luck now.

My daughter thinks it’s cool I ride. She likes to ride and would like to ride more. I’m going to buy her a 110 manual this year.

Do you work on your bike: There’s only a few things I know how to do on a bike. On my current bikes I’ve changed the oil, headlight and removed/changed my fender. I definitely want to learn more about the mechanics of my bikes.

Longest trip: Orange County to Moab, UT for the event Motos in Moab.

Most miles in one day: 730 miles from Moab to my house. Took about 13 hours

Music or no music: I love listening to music when I’m riding casually. When I get into more technical riding, like at the track or a difficult canyon, I usually have my music off to focus on road.

Any close calls/how could you have reacted differently: I am always trying to improve my riding skills which has lead to some falls, most recently playing around on my Grom. The only regret I have is not wearing my riding pants! I got a preview of road rash, not pretty!

Last ride: The last street ride I did was Ortega Highway. It’s the closest canyon worth riding. I usually go to the track every other weekend to ride my Grom.

Best trip: The best trip I’ve done was to Moab, UT. Even though the weather wasn’t agreeing with us that weekend, when it was sunny, it was beautiful. Riding next to the Colorado River has been unmatched as far as scenic rides go. Being inside the huge canyons dwarfed my existence. I definitely want to ride there again.

 Worst trip: Palomar April 2015. This was the worst camping trip ever. It’s a shame because I love that mountain, it’s the most enchanted forest I’ve been to. From our arrival to our departure, it rained the ENTIRE time. I was miserably wet but at least we had beer! My goal was to get drunk, try to have a good time, and pass out – this plan failed. I felt hungover and drunk at the same time while trying to sleep in my wet sleeping bag and tent. Fortunately, Belles has scheduled to redo the trip this July (when its projected to not rain). I am super excited to go back and replace the wet burrito sleeping bag memories with new, fun (dry) ones. 

Dream trip: I would love to go to the Isle of Man one day. It would be the greatest experience to ride in Europe and watch the fastest street riders in the world.

Favorite moto event: My favorite event would be a tie between Born Free and Babes Ride Out (in Joshua Tree). I’ve made the greatest friends and reconnected with old friends at these events. I love motorcycle events, you can never go wrong when you mix bikes, friends, and beer.

Bike essentials: Tire pressure gauge, chap stick, and an extra layer in case I get cold.

Safety gear recommendation:  I always recommend to ride with at least a good jacket and boots.

Plans for this year: One motorcycle trip I have planned this year is a west coast ride. The destination cities are: San Francisco, CA. Eureka, CA. Portland, OR. Seattle, WA.

First Belles ride: My first Belles ride was to go bowling at Fountain Bowl back in November 2014. I felt so welcomed because all the girls were so friendly.



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