Apocolypse Adventure – ride recap


It was cold and it was early and there were a bajillion other motorcycle events going on in LA on November 20th, but seven dedicated Belles gathered on bikes to explore an old abandoned town together. Five of us met up near Vermont and Melrose in Los Angeles and rode east on the 210 to meet the other two in Fontana. We gassed up our bikes and our bellies before heading north.

In the spirit of motorcycle adventure, @bornmean was having clutch problems and didn’t feel comfortable to lead the ride as planned, so @gregarious_loner took the lead, heading north on the 15. We lost @bornmean on the big incline under the signs to Barstow. She and her bike got a AAA rescue ride home, @aka_rside dropped back to ride sweep, and then there were six.

The ride up the 395 is a whole lot of nuthin’. Wide desert landscapes. Single lanes with turn offs going to nowhere. Then there’s Kramer Junction, one restaurant, three gas stations, train tracks and a view of a solar farm. Six miles up on the left, no signs, just a beat up road to a mountaintop with a big white man-made bubble on top. We rolled in and up to the top to park our bikes.

One by one @meykeychan had us roll our bikes in front of the mountain-top wide-desert-landscape backdrop. Picture time! After 45 minutes of exploration through graffiti filled dilapidated buildings we headed south to Boron, to the Twenty Mule Cafe, the home town of Twenty Mule Borax–that stuff that makes your white laundry whiter, environmentally conscious and old school style. Our route was planned to take us west on the 58; @aka_rside headed home east, and then there were five.

Minutes after we got on the 58, it started to rain. It was already a day that had chilled us to the bone. We pulled over and put on our rain gear. The rain was light but steady. We gassed up in Lancaster off the 14, and an old guy with a big grey beard and Einstein hair in a wheelchair was fascinated and worried for the five ladies on motorcycles riding in the rain. He rolled over asking, “Are you a club?” Saying, “Keep the shiny side up in the rain!”

Our plan had been to ride back into LA to catch the last two hours of BOM (Babes on Motos), but riders broke off, one at the 405, one at 170, another in Sherman Oaks, another in Glendale, and then there was one left riding in the rain as the sun was setting.

@gregarious_loner made it down to BOM, wet, icy cold with stiff joints, just in time to grab some hugs and the last photo op of the day. Two-hundred-eighty-seven miles. No better way to spend a Sunday.

by Kim O. – Nov 26, 2016
photos by Viki Chan, Kim O. and Amy B.

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