Talk Moto To Me

Connie from IE Litas and Kara of Wasted Times invited me over for their second Talk Moto To Me podcast. We had a few talking points but it was just a conversation between a couple of gals talking about bikes.

They asked about what inspired me to ride, the first Babes Ride Out and we also talked about the Belles:

My first memories of cool biker shit are the pictures of my parents back in the 70’s with my dad on his custom Indian chopper. I didn’t grow up around bikes, I was just inspired and reminded of those pics by some of my friends bikes and I don’t know the exact moment or reason that made me think I wanted one, but it stuck, and my husband bought my HD Iron 883. My husband gets mad at me for saying I’m just a housewife, it is a HARD job, but after 17 years and the realization that the laundry will NEVER be done made me look for a  hobby and joining the PTA just wasn’t it (those bitches are WAY too tough)!!  I have never been afraid to do things or not do things because I was a girl. Every woman I have met who rides a bike has some unique strength or creative drive or ambition. Some of them are shy or soft spoken but none of them are afraid. I have experienced things on my bike that I want to share with my husband, my friends, my kids, or I can do it alone. Each ride and reason is a personal one, even when you are riding in a group you are still on your own trip. Nothing beats perfect weather and an open road especially when Pandora is reading your mind! And for each person it’s different even when you are right next to them on the road.

As for Belles, when this group started my goal was to help women who wanted to find other women to ride with, and in a general sense, I want to share with them the feeling I got from going to the first Babes Ride Out in Borrego Springs. Not knowing a single soul, forming bonds that grew over time and knowing how much that meant to me. I feel like I just want to be a goodwill ambassador to female riders. I’m not the first woman to ride a motorcycle, I am an island, but my island is on the same damn planet as the rest of you.

Fuckin’ a,
Beulah Mae




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