11-14-15 Ride Re-cap

This morning I met up with two LA Litas that live near me, Chalon and Krys, and we rode out to the 9 am meet up at LAHD. There were a few girls when we got there, and then a couple more came, and a couple more and more and more! Belles and LA Litas left the dealership with 17 riders. My SoCal Siren sister Amy was in the lead, and sister Jackie ran interference out of the dealership and through the lights to make sure we got on to the freeway without getting split up. I was sweeping at the back, it’s my job to keep an eye on everyone and help out if anyone has to pull over for any reason. The ride from the 91 to the 15 was fine except for some construction traffic but it didn’t hold us back much. Going down the 15 I saw one of our riders pull out of the pack, I wasn’t sure what was going on, no one said they were planning on cutting out early so I kept an eye on her until it was clear something wasn’t right. I pulled up next to her and she pointed at her tank so we got off at the next exit to find gas for her and her riding buddy that also pulled out of the pack. We were close to our destination but there was no way she would have made it, I could hear her sputtering off the exit, we found gas just in time. We plan our rides with gas stops trying to take everyone’s tank sizes in to consideration that is why it is important to show up with a full tank. I texted Amy and Jackie to let them know we wouldn’t be far behind.

There were a few riders from the IE that skipped the OC morning meet up and just showed up at Batwing Cycles, they organized their own morning meet to ride with the group in the afternoon. Flatblack Collective from San Diego took a scenic ride up through De Luz to meet up with us in Lake Elsinore and came in about 10 minutes behind us. The guys at Batwing were awesome hosting us again in the garage, giving us a tutorial on changing brake fluid. Steve explained everything we needed to know about the tools we would need, the condition of old brake fluid, how to find what kind of brake fluid our own bikes would need and why you wouldn’t want to mix or use the wrong fluid. Steve and Jerry (the owner) were impressed at all the bikes, the types of bikes we rode and it was a real pleasure to visit their shop again.

At this point we had 27 riders in our group and as we were lining up to pull out of the shopping center there was a white Honda getting ready to leave and was planning on turning out of the driveway the same time we were, I saw him look at me then watched his eyes follow down the line of bikes and I could see him saying “Oh shit!” and then he slammed it in reverse to get out of our way. This is a busy stretch of road so Sirens Daniella and Jackie held traffic again so we could get out as one group.

We made our gas stop before hitting Santa Rosa Plateau, and it was a perfect day for this particular ride. There is a steep hill down the backside of Santa Rosa heading to De Luz and it was clear enough today that you could see the glint of the ocean in the distance. If you haven’t been on this road there is no way to explain the view that you have up there. I was leading at this point and I was glad I got to share this experience and view and perfect weather with so many girls. Our next stop was a scenic overlook of Temecula Valley and group photos. A few girls left the group to head home at this point, the rest of the group was led by LA Lita Krys to our lunch destination at Third Street Smokehouse in Old Town Temecula.

At the end of the day I took one of the Kim’s I met, back through De Luz and up that big hill to Santa Rosa Plateau. We stopped for a second to say our goodbyes and I was telling her about my Siren summer trip and what I had packed in my saddlebags, rain gear and beef jerky, and she stopped me and laughed and said not many girls would get the importance of that. Like really fucking GET it, you know?

These are the moments I am searching for. Another thing that I look forward to when I’m riding is when I get a chance to share that experience with other people because even though we are traveling the same roads and we are doing it ‘together’ we are each having our own trip.

Everyone made it home safe and sound and I can’t wait for more adventures with these ladies!

Our next ride will be DECEMBER 12th!

-Fuckin’ a,
-Beulah Mae
(photos by Krys)


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