Ride Recap: Neptune’s Net in Malibu 7/25/15

7-25-15   Rode to LAHD, met Amy and Jackie to help with the ride. We had 4 girls show up and they were all new faces to me; Tonya, Elaine, Joyce and Nikki. We were headed to Neptune’s Net in Malibu and our route to PCH was freeway heavy 91-605-105-405-10-PCH. You never really know what to expect riding with new people but everyone did awesome. We didn’t hit too much traffic, we all rode in a good staggered formation and even though we had a lot of freeway interchanges to get through, Amy led at a good pace and the group was able to stay together. We had a gas stop planned at PCH and Sunset to meet up with one rider for sure, but before we even got to the station she ended up rolling in to the pack as we were passing through Santa Monica. We were at a stop light and I heard Jackie say “Yeah!” and I checked my mirror and saw her high fiving someone, and at first I thought one of our new friends was super excited and then I realized it was JD who has been on a bunch of our rides and was one of the girls who toughed it out with us in Palomar.

We stopped for gas as planned and recapped the ride so far. There was one moment in particular where I saw someone swerving in our lane a little and tried to give the benefit of the doubt, it was at an interchange and maybe the driver was trying to get over before it was too late, and even if it was in the middle of our pack, I am still a separate vehicle and I can let the person over rather than get in an accident or have the person have to really make some last minute decision and hurt someone. The car didn’t get over into our lane and as I passed her I saw her fucking phone in her hand, so I gave her the ‘hang up your phone’ hand signal and another hand signal involving just one finger but says so much more. At first she looked at me like I offended her by giving her the finger, then she saw a pack of girls on motorcycles that were now passing her, and Nikki and Joyce who were riding behind me, said she looked like she might have just pooped her pants. Look, I am guilty of using my phone when I’m driving but I try to choose moments that aren’t putting me in danger and at the same time I do feel actual guilt. Some people are crappy drivers or asshole drivers and nothing is going to change that, but using your phone makes you a crappy driver and that is a choice you are making when you do that. If you can just put down your phone for the 20 minutes you are in your car you are making a difference in the safety of the people around you, but by choosing to use your phone you are choosing to be an a-hole and if I give you the finger I hope you do poop your pants.

The rest of the ride up PCH was perfect and beautiful it was a great day to get out of the cityscape and head to the beach. We had a car stalk us at a couple of stoplights taking pictures of us as we were riding and I was able to get a pic of them too. We were all able to find parking in front of Neptune’s and had our lunch. Afterwards some of the girls paired off to head back down PCH for home and Amy and I wanted to do some riding and exploring through the Santa Monica mountains to check out a camping area called Circle X Ranch.

Our next ride will be August 22nd and we will be doing something a little different, instead of leaving at 10 a.m. we will be leaving in the afternoon to go to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening of our favorite biker movie Peewee’s Big Adventure, (his blog even mentioned a rumor that he may be making an appearance at the screening!) Buy your tickets HERE, I’m not sure if the event will sell out but I don’t want to take that chance. More info and times TBA.

~Beulah Mae



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